October 20, 2014

4:15 PM | Arthritis rediagnosis in Egyptian pharaohs
Detailed CT scans suggest they were less disabled than thought
3:41 PM | What not to miss at #TMM2014
> Next week, close to 500 researchers, clinicians, trainees, industry and government representatives will gather in Ottawa for some of the best the stem cell and regenerative medicine research community has to offer. The third Till & McCulloch Meetings is taking place over three days, October 27-29 and we’re going with the theme of three...Read more
3:32 PM | Is NYC poised to become an energy storage leader?
The recently announced Demand Management Program by ConEd includes significant incentives for both thermal and electricity storage technologies. If the plan moves ahead, the NYC area could be home to... -- Read more on
3:00 PM | Preparing students for less-supportive environments
Over at Small Pond Science, I have a post today about how the events at last week’s Grace Hopper conference led to a discussion about better preparing our students to navigate less-supportive environments, particularly in jobs, internships, and research positions. Check it out, and if you have any insights to share, join in the conversation […]
3:00 PM | Break In Transmission: How Nigeria Took Control Of Ebola
Ebola Is Now Intercontinental Katadikazo, CC BY-NC The World Health Organization has declared Nigeria to be free of the Ebola virus, after six weeks with no new cases being detected. Speaking from the capital, Abuja, WHO representative Rui Gama Vaz told reporters this was a "spectacular success story." The WHO is able to declare a country free of infection if 21 days pass with no new cases, and the most recent case declared in Nigeria was on September 5, according to […]
2:59 PM | These are a few of my favorite species: Pig Butt Worm
This species bring a whole new meaning to butt face. It’s Latin name even means butt face.  I jest… it actually means resembling a pig’s rump. Chaetopterus pugaporcinus is a polychaete and like other worms it has segments.  Some of the segments are just a little bit inflated, i.e. this worm is all about the […]
2:35 PM | Ep. 353: Seasons on Saturn
You think we’re the only place that experiences seasons? Well, think again. Anything with a tilt enjoys the changing seasons, and that includes one of the most dramatic places in the Solar System: Saturn, with its rings and collection of moons. Ep. 353: Seasons on Saturn Jump to Shownotes Jump to Transcript Show Notes Sponsors: […]
2:25 PM | Stunning New Gorilla Documentary Brings DiCaprio and Netflix Together
Lionardo DiCaprio, the American film-star and outspoken environmentalist, has teamed up with online streaming giant Netflix to release one of this year’s most exciting documentaries: VIRUNGA.  Director Orlando von Einsiedel spent 11 months in the Democratic Republic of Congo in 2011 and 2012, filming the rangers in Virunga National Park who watch over the park’s rare…
2:20 PM | Moral Time: Does Our Internal Clock Influence Moral Judgments?
Does morality depend on the time of the day? The study "The Morning Morality Effect: The Influence of Time of Day on Unethical Behavior" published in October of 2013 by Maryam Kouchaki and Isaac Smith suggested that people are more honest in the mornings, and that their ability to resist the temptation of lying and cheating wears off as the day progresses. In a series of experiments, Kouchaki and Smith found that moral awareness and self-control in their study subjects decreased... Read […]
2:12 PM | A Resolution in October.
I am a goal-driven person. That’s how my ambition manifests. I often think, when imagining taking on some new project, that “I don’t want to die without having done it.” That’s how I felt about writing my symphony, a work still unfinished. I will work on it again one day. I think I’ll finish it. […]
1:46 PM | Thinking Globally about Science
by Rupa R. Ram and Paul Dominic B. Olinares There are many global challenges that have a foundation in science and technology including climate change, resource scarcity, infectious diseases, and international instability from nations in conflict. The role of scientists in resolving these challenges is not always clear. Science diplomacy (SD) is the conversation at […]
1:46 PM | Stored product beetles
For farmer storing harvested food grains these names strike fear into them: Rusty grain beetle, flour mill beetle, flat grain beetle. These beetles can be found feeding on grain and cereal products, but also other dried material of plant origin, as well as packaged and processed goods. They have been recorded in wheat, corn, rice, barley, flour, oilseeds, cassava root, dried fruits and even chilies. Their larvae feed preferentially on the germ of the whole kernels, but sometimes they hollow out […]
1:45 PM | Martin Sheen and His Hypocritical Hate of Plastics
Last Friday I wrote of Lindsay Lohan's love of plastics. Her feelings are not shared by all of Hollywood however. Martin Sheen is a good example. On Saturday, he had a new boat christened after him. The boat is a research vessel for studying ocean plastics. While I've written many times that plastics have no business being in the ocean (or polluting any other part of the natural environment for that matter), the importance of ocean to plastics to mankind's survival to debate. Sheen […]
1:30 PM | Wonderful Things: The Starry Night Beneath the Caribbean Sea
One of the most astounding events of my life was immediately preceded by one of the scariest: I turned out my dive light in the ocean at night. -- Read more on
1:26 PM | Can Anger in Infants Predict Later Problems?
How does your baby handle anger? Research studies suggest that young children responding with excessive anger to blocked goals (such as taking away a favourite toy) can help identify whether they might be at risk for later problems such as...            Related StoriesStigma and Seeking HellpWhat We Can Do to Slow Down the Growing Suicide Rate in AlaskaChild Abuse and Raising the Next Generation 
1:06 PM | CITES and confiscated elephant ivory and rhino horn – to destroy or not destroy?
Over the past 24 months we have seen a number of countries, including Belgium, Chad, China, Hong Kong SAR, China, Czech Republic, Gabon, France, Philippines, and the USA, destroy stockpiles of illegally traded elephant ivory and rhino horn that have been seized and confiscated. I have been invited by national CITES authorities to witness several…
1:02 PM | The Flash: Towards a Cinema of Super Speed
  Superheroes. They’re everywhere. Long gone are the days of eye rolling that once accompanied the mention of ‘men in tights’ and conjured memories of George Clooney clad in Bat-nipples. Marvel’s cinematic universe is growing rapidly, now under the direction of the House of Mouse. It shows no signs of slowing down with projects planned […] The post The Flash: Towards a Cinema of Super Speed appeared first on HeadStuff.
1:00 PM | A new set of Node postcards!
Every year we give you a chance to choose from sets of beautiful images taken by the students at the MBL Woods Hole embryology course. The most voted image then feature in the cover of Development. The images from Woods Hole are always beautiful, and to showcase them last year we produced a set of four Node […]
12:32 PM | Defending Sick Children
One of the most difficult issues that skeptical physicians face is dealing with children sick with cancer whose parents refuse standard therapy. These cases are always highly charged, because the stakes are extremely high. Obviously the stakes are highest for the child as their life is literally on the line. The stakes are also high [...]
12:20 PM | Australia’s Head Of Science And Industry Research (CSIRO) Gets Dippy Over Dowsing
You might be wondering if it’s some kind of joke: He’s interested in the development of technology that would make it easier for farmers to dowse or divine for water on their properties. “I’ve seen people do this with close to 80 per cent accuracy and I’ve no idea how they do it,” he said.… Source: Doubtful News
12:19 PM | Halloween Soda Geysers
For an explosive fountain of Halloween fun, try this carbonated chemical reaction! You’ll need: -a two liter bottle of Diet Coke -a roll of  Mentos mints -a piece of paper. -a disposable plastic table cloth or some construction paper 1. Make a Halloween costume for your Diet Coke bottle. We made pumpkins by cutting up […]
12:14 PM | Paradosso cosmico
The Time Machine at the End of the World, di Les Edwardsvia ahiddenworld.tumblr.comCome tutti i generi, anche la fantascienza in ultima analisi è interessata a parlare dell'essere umano. In particolare, come ricorda Isaac Asimov, parla dell'essere umano contemporaneo, nascondendo il messaggio dietro una rappresentazione meravigliosa, dietro un sense of wonder dovuto a progressi scientifici inimmaginabili.I due progressi scientifici che muovono la maggior parte della fantascienza (non […]

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12:14 PM | Latest Developments In The Ebola Story
The family of the first patient to be diagnosed in the U.S. with the deadly disease ends a 21-day observation period with no symptoms. Meanwhile, the WHO declared Nigeria Ebola-free.
12:06 PM | Love, Rosie | review
Love, Rosie is a new film reviewed by professional film reviewer Mark Baldwin. The post Love, Rosie | review appeared first on HeadStuff.
12:03 PM | These Are The Sleepiest Parts Of The Internet
New York City is the city that never sleeps, and if a new study from the University of Southern California’s Viterbi School of Engineering is any indication, it’s home to plenty of active Internet connections around the clock. But there are plenty of places around the globe where the Internet actually does sleep at night. While the United States and parts of southern Africa and Western Europe display pretty much constant Internet connectivity, countries such as Armenia, Georgia, […]
11:53 AM | Saudi Arabia – A MERS Surge?
Credit ECDC MERS-CoV Epidemiological Update   # 9219   Roughly six weeks ago, after a relatively quiet July and August, we began to see a slow uptick in the number of MERS-CoV infections being reported out of Saudi Arabia.  While the numbers remain modest – even compared to the same time last year – the clustering in Taif east of  Mecca prior to the Hajj is concerning. Local officials have publically been denying charges of a serious […]
11:44 AM | Aliens
Some floral forms make you wonder if they know something we don’t. Take Calceolaria uniflora for example. When photographed at just the right angle, these slipper-shaped blooms look like the face of an alien wearing beats headphones and holding an empty white tray as a peace offering. Calceolaria is native to the southernmost portion of […]
11:43 AM | Read: The Facts on Chiropractic
This is required reading. Questions and Answers about Chiropractic: The Bottom Line by Sam Homola, a retired chiropractor. Continue reading →
11:24 AM | WWF: cresce il mercato globale del bracconaggio
Un corno di rinoceronte può arrivare a costare fino a 500.000 euro quindi non è difficile capire perché pochi giorni fa, all’Aeroporto di Francoforte, è stato arrestato un giovane che stava contrattando con due clienti la vendita di altrettanti corni. Il fattaccio di Francoforte non fa altro che confermare come l’Europa sia al centro del commercio illegale di parti di animali, un fenomeno in costante aumento che è stato analizzato dettagliatamente […]
11:03 AM | Turkey Says It's Helping Iraqi Kurds Join Fight For Kobani
The remarks by the country's foreign minister could signal a shift in Ankara's largely neutral stance on the conflict at its doorstep.
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