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8:00 AM | December 25, 2012
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If you have been following along with the advent calendar we’ve had in the sidebar for the past couple of weeks, you will have seen twenty-four papers - all selected by readers of the Node. We’ve seen a diverse selection of papers, all describing recent work in developmental and stem cell biology. The people who [...]

Thurman R.E., Rynes E., Humbert R., Vierstra J., Maurano M.T., Haugen E., Sheffield N.C., Stergachis A.B., Wang H. & Vernot B. & (2012). The accessible chromatin landscape of the human genome, Nature, 489 (7414) 75-82. DOI:

Unhavaithaya Y. & Orr-Weaver T.L. (2012). Polyploidization of glia in neural development links tissue growth to blood-brain barrier integrity, Genes & Development, 26 (1) 31-36. DOI:

Tschopp P., Christen A.J. & Duboule D. (2012). Bimodal control of Hoxd gene transcription in the spinal cord defines two regulatory subclusters, Development, 139 (5) 929-939. DOI:

Reynolds N., Latos P., Hynes-Allen A., Loos R., Leaford D., O'Shaughnessy A., Mosaku O., Signolet J., Brennecke P. & Kalkan T. & (2012). NuRD Suppresses Pluripotency Gene Expression to Promote Transcriptional Heterogeneity and Lineage Commitment, Cell Stem Cell, 10 (5) 583-594. DOI:

Massarwa R. & Niswander L. (2012). In toto live imaging of mouse morphogenesis and new insights into neural tube closure, Development, 140 (1) 226-236. DOI:

Salbreux G., Barthel L.K., Raymond P.A. & Lubensky D.K. (2012). Coupling mechanical deformations and planar cell polarity to create regular patterns in the zebrafish retina., PLoS computational biology, PMID:

Stone M., Rao K., Gheres K., Kim S., Tao J., La Rochelle C., Folker C., Sherwood N. & Rolls M. (2012). Normal Spastin Gene Dosage Is Specifically Required for Axon Regeneration, Cell Reports, 2 (5) 1340-1350. DOI:

Schoenebeck J.J., Hutchinson S.A., Byers A., Beale H.C., Carrington B., Faden D.L., Rimbault M., Decker B., Kidd J.M. & Sood R. & (2012). Variation of BMP3 contributes to dog breed skull diversity., PLoS genetics, PMID:

Scherptong R.W.C., Jongbloed M.R.M., Wisse L.J., Vicente-Steijn R., Bartelings M.M., Poelmann R.E., Schalij M.J. & Gittenberger-De Groot A.C. (2012). Morphogenesis of outflow tract rotation during cardiac development: The pulmonary push concept, Developmental Dynamics, 241 (9) 1413-1422. DOI:

Shi Y., Kirwan P., Smith J., MacLean G., Orkin S.H. & Livesey F.J. (2012). A Human Stem Cell Model of Early Alzheimer's Disease Pathology in Down Syndrome, Science Translational Medicine, 4 (124) 124ra29-124ra29. DOI:

Zhou S., Lo W.C., Suhalim J., Digman M., Gratton E., Nie Q. & Lander A. (2012). Free Extracellular Diffusion Creates the Dpp Morphogen Gradient of the Drosophila Wing Disc, Current Biology, 22 (8) 668-675. DOI:

Weber G., Bjerke M. & DeSimone D. (2012). A Mechanoresponsive Cadherin-Keratin Complex Directs Polarized Protrusive Behavior and Collective Cell Migration, Developmental Cell, 22 (1) 104-115. DOI:

Hayashi K., Ogushi S., Kurimoto K., Shimamoto S., Ohta H. & Saitou M. (2012). Offspring from Oocytes Derived from in Vitro Primordial Germ Cell-like Cells in Mice, Science, 338 (6109) 971-975. DOI:

Colas A.R., McKeithan W.L., Cunningham T.J., Bushway P.J., Garmire L.X., Duester G., Subramaniam S. & Mercola M. (2012). Whole-genome microRNA screening identifies let-7 and mir-18 as regulators of germ layer formation during early embryogenesis, Genes & Development, 26 (23) 2567-2579. DOI:

Haskel-Ittah M., Ben-Zvi D., Branski-Arieli M., Schejter E., Shilo B.Z. & Barkai N. (2012). Self-Organized Shuttling: Generating Sharp Dorsoventral Polarity in the Early Drosophila Embryo, Cell, 150 (5) 1016-1028. DOI:

Kaelin C.B., Xu X., Hong L.Z., David V.A., McGowan K.A., Schmidt-Kuntzel A., Roelke M.E., Pino J., Pontius J. & Cooper G.M. & (2012). Specifying and Sustaining Pigmentation Patterns in Domestic and Wild Cats, Science, 337 (6101) 1536-1541. DOI:

Chen H., Xu Z., Mei C., Yu D. & Small S. (2012). A System of Repressor Gradients Spatially Organizes the Boundaries of Bicoid-Dependent Target Genes, Cell, 149 (3) 618-629. DOI:

Yoshiba S., Shiratori H., Kuo I.Y., Kawasumi A., Shinohara K., Nonaka S., Asai Y., Sasaki G., Belo J.A. & Sasaki H. & (2012). Cilia at the Node of Mouse Embryos Sense Fluid Flow for Left-Right Determination via Pkd2, Science, 338 (6104) 226-231. DOI:

Hödl M. & Basler K. (2012). Transcription in the Absence of Histone H3.2 and H3K4 Methylation, Current Biology, 22 (23) 2253-2257. DOI:

Zhao T., Graham O.S., Raposo A. & St Johnston D. (2012). Growing Microtubules Push the Oocyte Nucleus to Polarize the Drosophila Dorsal-Ventral Axis, Science, 336 (6084) 999-1003. DOI:

Lefebvre J.L., Kostadinov D., Chen W.V., Maniatis T. & Sanes J.R. (2012). Protocadherins mediate dendritic self-avoidance in the mammalian nervous system, Nature, 488 (7412) 517-521. DOI:

Guichard P., Desfosses A., Maheshwari A., Hachet V., Dietrich C., Brune A., Ishikawa T., Sachse C. & Gonczy P. (2012). Cartwheel Architecture of Trichonympha Basal Body, Science, 337 (6094) 553-553. DOI:

Charrier C., Joshi K., Coutinho-Budd J., Kim J.E., Lambert N., de Marchena J., Jin W.L., Vanderhaeghen P., Ghosh A. & Sassa T. & (2012). Inhibition of SRGAP2 Function by Its Human-Specific Paralogs Induces Neoteny during Spine Maturation, Cell, 149 (4) 923-935. DOI:

Christen B., Rodrigues A.M.C., Monasterio M.B., Roig C.F. & Belmonte J.C.I. (2012). Transient downregulation of Bmp signalling induces extra limbs in vertebrates, Development, 139 (14) 2557-2565. DOI:



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