Subsurface science in oil and gas: geology, geophysics, petrophysics, reservoir engineering. Occasionally off-topic.
All that matters
"All that matters" highlights the latest exciting developments in the physical sciences. The blog is written by Joerg Heber, a Senior Editor at Nature Materials, one of the leading scientific journals in the physical sciences.
Energy and the Future
The intent of this site is for us to share news, observations (and sometimes opinions) on issues related to bioenergy, and energy in general. It was started as an outlet for students in the IGERT program in Biofuels and Biorefining at Colorado State University to share what we are learning (and doing) with the public.
Houston Engineer
Informal blog dealing with mechanical design, engineering, energy policy. My background is in mechanical and nuclear engineering and I am working on a petroleum engineering degree.Lot of politics, particularly on energy policy.
Research blog of the International Institute for Applied Systems Analysis (IIASA)
A Survival Guide for the Planet - the independent environmental magazine of the nonprofit Natural Resources Defense Council
Solar at Home
The trials, tribulations and rewards of going solar
The Daily Fusion
The Daily Fusion is the daily updated news blog on all the energy issues ranging from geological exploration of fossil fuels and petroleum processing to the developments in the field of fusion power and the latest green energy solutions.
Vault Energy
No summary available for this site.
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