Advance Hydrau-Tech Pvt. Ltd.
India's leading manufacturing company of scrap processing machines since 1978.
Chris Jacobs
Science explained, not only summaries of scientific articles but also background information about the techniques used to come to these findings.
Cortical Chauvinism
Information on autism from a leading expert in the field.
Dreaming the Future
Innovation for a Better World - a blog about how innovation in life sciences, agriculture and computing are changing our world for the better.
Geology for Global Development
Welcome to Geology for Global Development’s blog, a series of articles, discussions, photos and links - all relating to the application of geoscience to international development. Geology for Global Development (GfGD) recognises the significant contribution good geoscience can make fighting poverty and improving lives across the world. This blog aims to discuss, promote and broaden understanding of this contribution, whilst working to support young geoscientists in the growth of appropriate skills and knowledge in order that they make a positive, effective, and greater contribution to development throughout their careers. Find out more at
Growth Curve | Science News
The inexact science of raising kids, by Science News neuroscience writer Laura Sanders.
Mammals Suck... Milk!
This blog will showcase and synthesize (pun intended!) the MANY awesome advances currently occurring in milk research from the molecule to the organism to the population to the taxon, with implications for nutrition, medicine, psychology, and evolutionary biology.
the Node
the community site for developmental biologists
Wiring the Brain
how the brain wires itself up during development, how the end result can vary in different people and what happens when it goes wrong
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