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First Litter of Wild Wolf Pups Born in Mexico
The Mexican wolf went extinct in the wild about three decades ago. Breeding pairs have been raised in captivity and reintroduced into western Mexico.
Is Eating Kosher Seafood Better for the Environment?
In some ways, absolutely yes. That's the conclusion reached by researchers from NOAA and California State University, Channel Islands. And it mostly has to do with the distance that seafood travels from the ocean to your plate.Read more...
Elephants Have 10,000 Genes for Smell—Most Ever Found
The large mammals have 10,000 genes related to smell, the most ever discovered in an animal, a new study says.
10 Best Sniffers in the Animal Kingdom
The animal with the world’s best sense of smell has been named, along with nine other contenders.
Bats Set Their Internal Compass at Dusk—A First Among Mammals
Bats may be known for their stealth in the dark, but a new study shows they need light from the setting sun to navigate.
Bats Use Polarized Light to Set Their Internal Magnetic Compasses
Although bats are known for using echolocation to orient and navigate, they draw on a suite of senses to get around. A new study reveals another ability: bats use patterns of polarized light in the sky to navigate. Read about the experiment in my latest Zoologic post: Bats Use Polarized Light to Set Their Internal Compasses .
Should Pets Be Banished From the Bedroom?
New research examines the effect of sleeping with pets on their owner's health and happiness.read more
Female Octopus Strangles Mate, Then Eats Him
Octopuses do the darndest things. Like kill their mate during mating—by strangling him with three arms, according to new observations from the wild. Enterprising scientists Christine Huffard and Mike... -- Read more on ScientificAmerican.com



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