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Drones Capture Stunning Killer Whale Footage Tiny flying drones...
Drones Capture Stunning Killer Whale Footage Tiny flying drones have captured unprecedented footage of killer whales off the coast of Canada. By: Live Science Videos.
Pet trade likely responsible for killer salamander fungus
As if amphibians weren't facing enough—a killer fungal disease, habitat destruction, pollution, and global warming—now scientists say that a second fungal disease could spell disaster for dozens, perhaps hundreds, of species. A new paper finds that this disease has the potential to wipe out salamanders and newts across Europe, the Middle East, North Africa, and the Americas.
Into the Bat Caves of Kenya: Pt. I In January 2014, Emily...
Into the Bat Caves of Kenya: Pt. I In January 2014, Emily accompanied Curator of Mammals Bruce Patterson on a field expedition into the bat caves of Kenya. They were joined with Field Museum Media Producers Greg Mercer and Emily Ward to document the experience. This is the 1st installment in a 2-part series of highlights from the trip; there’s much more to come! By: The Brain Scoop.
Hi-Tech Harness Helps Dogs and People Communicate
A dog harness helps enhance communications between pets and service animals and humans. Continue reading →
I just found out it’s National Bat Week! And I’m not...
I just found out it’s National Bat Week! And I’m not talking about the baseball things!To celebrate, why not watch my video all about some of nature’s most wondrous flying creatures? You should also check out the great links below to learn more and see how you can help. Bat populations are in danger around the world, and maybe if we take the time to realize why they’re so amazing and important, we’ll all work harder to protect them.  For more batty […]
The Search for Lost Frogs: one of conservation's most exciting expeditions comes to life in new book
One of the most exciting conservation initiatives in recent years was the Search for Lost Frogs in 2010. The brainchild of scientist, photographer, and frog-lover, Robin Moore, the initiative brought a sense of hope—and excitement—to a whole group of animals often ignored by the global public—and media outlets. Now, Moore has written a fascinating account of the expedition: In Search of Lost Frogs.
Trick-or-Treating With Predators: Who is the Candy Bar of the Prairie?
Predators trick-or-treating across the northern plains are on the look out for their favorite full-sized candy bar. In a new video released this week, hear from our American Prairie Reserve biologists, Kyran and Damien, as they talk about the crucial role that these miniature snacks play in the larger ecosystem. Watch as hungry badgers go door to door —…
The Fish That Inspired a Woman to Help Save a Species
Shana Miller was fresh out of college in 1998 when she came face-to-face with one of the fastest fish in the sea. She and her friends battled for three hours to haul a 154-pound bluefin tuna aboard their boat off the Maryland coast. And when she finally looked the creature in the eye, she felt…



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