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The Black Dog
In the last twelve months one of my little sisters has struggled with depression. I think she’s coping remarkably well with it and I’m really very proud of her. Recently she got some bad news and in one of my … Continue reading →
Modern Sharks Sleeker Than Ancestors
Sharks have been on Earth for ages, but today's sharks turn out to have leaner, meaner bodies than those of extinct sharks.
Crocodiles vs. Alligators If you’re staring imminent...
Crocodiles vs. Alligators If you’re staring imminent death in the face, it’s best to know which genus and species is staring back. Sadly, does not feature actual footage of crocodiles versus alligators, but I’ll let that slide. Also, The Brain Scoop got a makeover! Do you love it? I love it. A great show just got greater. We’re all gonna have to step up our game to keep up with you, Emily
Who's in Charge Around Here?!
Wordless Wednesday: Pouched Rat having a treat
This is a video recording of me introducing a new snack to the African Giant Pouched Rats (Cricetomys ansorgei) – fresh pumpkin seeds. This fellow really seems to like it. I’m super... -- Read more on ScientificAmerican.com
When you are out riding a bicycle, running, or walking, make sure you don’t go so fast that you miss the special moments that you can find along the way. These two turtles were seen on the American Tobacco Trail (Durham, NC) while I was out riding. I saw them out of the corner of […]The post Turtles appeared first on Stay Curious.
Dating tips from the animal kingdom
The first and hopefully last time that I ever write something about "penis fencing."
Does Animal-Assisted Therapy Help At-Risk Boys?
If existing behavioural programs aren’t working, can therapeutic sessions with a dog help boys who have problems at school?Photo: criben / ShutterstockA new paper by Abbey Schneider et al (2014) investigates the success of a program designed to help boys who are considered ‘at-risk’ – by matching them up with a specially trained dog and handler.In Colorado, a group of elementary schools take part in a program called the Human Animal Bond in Colorado (HABIC). It is […]

Schneider, A.A.,, Rosenberg, J., Baker, M., Melia, N., Granger, B. & Biringen, Z. (2014). Becoming relationally effective: High-risk boys in animal-assisted therapy, Human-Animal Interaction Bulletin, 2 (1) 1-18. Other: Link




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