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Morsels For The Mind – 19/12/2014
Every day we provide you with Six Incredible Things Before Breakfast to nibble away at. Here you can fill your brain with the most intellectually stimulating “amuse bouches” from the past week – a veritable smorgasbord for the cranium. They’re all here for you to load up your plate – this week’s “Morsels for the mind”. Enjoy! If you do nothing else, make sure to check out the “Reads / views / listens of the week”. **** Feather, fur […]
The Year in Spiders and Bugs
It has been an interesting year of discovery in the world of creepy crawlies and many-legged critters.
Howling Heat Wolves, Sex Weevils, And Other Amazing Images Of The Week
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New, tighter timeline confirms ancient volcanism aligned with dinosaurs’ extinction
A definitive geological timeline shows that a series of massive volcanic explosions 66 million years ago played a role in the extinction event that claimed Earth’s non-avian dinosaurs, and challenges the dominant theory that a meteorite impact was the sole cause of the extinction. A primeval volcanic range in western India known as the Deccan … Continue reading →
Asteroid that wiped out dinosaurs may have nearly knocked off mammals, too
The classic story is that mammals rose to dominance after the dinosaurs went extinct, but a new study shows that some of the most common mammals living alongside dinosaurs, the metatherians, extinct relatives of living marsupials, were also nearly wiped out when an asteroid hit the planet 66 million years ago. Metatherian mammals — the … Continue reading →
Pictures: the top new animal discoveries of 2014
Seemingly every year scientists set a new record with the number of species they describe. 2014 will be no exception. Below are some of the 'new species' highlights from the past year. The list includes species whose descriptions were first published in 2014. Some of the 'discoveries' occurred in years prior.
The Reindeer Would Never Actually Work for Santa
It's December and December means reindeer science. It turns out that reindeer actually prefer keeping their distance from people. Good luck hitching them to a sleigh.Read more...
Nature vs Nurture
The recent gun attacks in Sydney and Pakistan have cast a shadow as 2014 comes to a close. But they’ve also got me thinking: Is conflict natural for human beings? Wars have been a constant fixture in the news for as long as you or I have been around. In fact, there are cave paintings […]



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