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Giving you (hopefully) relevant and interesting information about how people work and make sense of the world. Sharing the facts and ideas I come across in my readings in easy to digest bites.
Positively Social
Blog about psychology and research methods by a graduate student in social psychology
Shane O'Mara's Blog
brains, behaviour, society
Stories about Science, Communication, & Surviving Grad School
From the moment we enter the world, our brain is bathed in the cognitive
and sensory information that ultimately shapes our perception of reality
and together with the code of our genes influences our daily decisions.
 However, what flushes our otherwise ordinary existence with color is
emotion. Emotion's universality connects us on an esoteric level, has the
capablity of transforming  our psychological health and
affect decision-making, memory and learning.   Curiosity in this field has
led me to ask pertinent questions such as: How does the brain create
emotion? What are the cultural influences on the development of
socioemotional skills? Is the nature of the self fundamentally related to
emotions?   This website is a way to provide information on current emotion
research and to share ideas and resources with the public.  I hope to
distill tricky scientific concepts into palatable pieces of knowledge
individuals can put to use. I believe investigating emotion can lead to a
better understanding of ourselves and in turn has the capability to enrich
our lives. I hope space feeds your brain and awakens your curiosity. 
The Hero Archetype
Research based analysis of how specific attributes of video games and media affect the user experience.
the truth behind popular science
Vita et al.
Biology news and research, dissected.
NeuWrite San Diego
collaborative science writing for the mind inclined
On Your Mind
On Your Mind is a weekly podcast about neuroscience and life as a scientist. The three hosts discuss interesting goings on in the scientific community and issues affecting our lives as graduate students. We finish each episode with an in-depth review of a recent neuroscience paper.


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Many of us live our lives with little mindful regard as to where we’re going… and where we’ve been. We go from day to day, just happy with the little accomplishments and with no major problems rearing their ugly head. While I think that’s fine for a short while, it’s not a good way to […]
As if you needed telling...
"GI [gastrointestinal] dysfunction was prevalent in this cohort of children with ASD [autism spectrum disorders], observations consistent with the reports of parents and other clinicians". That was one of the conclusions reached by Victor Kang and colleagues [1] in their study looking at GI issues in cases of autism.Of course we've been here before... many times in fact, as autism research delivers more evidence that bowel issues are quite frequently over-represented in cases of […]

Kang V, Wagner GC & Ming X (2014). Gastrointestinal Dysfunction in Children With Autism Spectrum Disorders., Autism research : official journal of the International Society for Autism Research, PMID:

Are Brains of Artists Different?
With more and more brain imaging studies in the media, relating to different areas of human behavior including being creative, it is worth noting there are critiques of the validity and meaning of imaging technology. The image is from an article whose authors comment, “The brain is said to be the final scientific frontier, and […]
How Can People Do This to Each Other Dr Joseph Chuman discusses...
How Can People Do This to Each Other Dr Joseph Chuman discusses the Rewanda genocide and other mass atrocities. Duration: 44:22 via NYS Ethical Culture.
Athletic Focus: How to Make the Right Game-Time Decisions
What did you do when you read the word “focus”? You probably zeroed in on the word and prepared for that big, important lesson that’s about to be thrown at you. Many of us are wired to listen only when it’s important. Think about it: when you are sitting in class, listening to Coach, or in […]
Heaven for Real? PET Scans Offer Clues
The new film "Heaven is for Real" relates a young boy's visit to heaven, though recent brain imaging research suggests a different explanation. Continue reading →
Your Brain is Plastic Hank explains the gift that your brain...
Your Brain is Plastic Hank explains the gift that your brain gives you every day: the gift of neural plasticity — the ways in which your brain actually changes at the cellular level as you learn. via SciShow. Subbable: https://subbable.com/scishow Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/scishow Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/scishow Tumblr: http://scishow.tumblr.com
David Frim, MD, to receive Gary Lichtenstein Humanitarian Award
David Frim, MD, Chief of the Section of Neurosurgery, will receive the second Gary Lichtenstein Humanitarian Award on May, 4.



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