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LHC Short Circuit Delays Awesome Physics Quest
Unfortunately, an electrical glitch has put the breaks on the Large Hadron Collider's grand reboot this week -- but it's not the end of the world.
On the “right” to challenge a medical or scientific consensus
The major theme of the Science-Based Medicine blog is that the application of good science to medicine is the best way to maintain and improve the quality of patient care. Consequently, we spend considerable time dissecting medical treatments based on pseudoscience, bad science, and no science and trying to prevent their contaminating existing medicine with […]
Doing astronomy with neutrinos
The nearly massless particles could tell us a lot if we could listen.
Art of Science: Anna Garforth’s Big Bang
I like art and I like science. Most of the time, I think that getting the science right makes the art stronger. In this case, well, what the hell? Anna Garforth’s The Big Bang is an installation assembled from hundreds of … Continue reading →
Moving closer to a resolution of the cosmological lithium problem
Galaxy cluster MACS J0416.1-2403, courtesy Hubble Frontier Fields (Phys.org)—There’s not as much lithium in the universe as predicted, and scientists aren’t sure why. According to the theory of big bang nucleosynthesis (BBN), isotopes of the three lightest elements—hydrogen, helium, and lithium—were created within the first 20 minutes after the big bang. The theory predicts with […]
Take a Drone Ride into the Guts of an LHC Detector: Video
The Large Hadron Collider (LHC) is the largest and most complex machine ever constructed, so it can be hard to fully appreciate its scale.
The search for gravitational waves in the cosmic microwave...
The search for gravitational waves in the cosmic microwave background, a discovery that would serve as proof of the universe’s earliest moments of supposed hyperinflation, has been full of ups, downs, and even death, but that’s just part of the circle of science.Let A Capella Science wow you with this Lion King-inspired tune that tells the story of "The Surface of Light."I would say more, but I’m just blown away by how awesome this is.
Bicep2: molto rumore (per nulla) sull’eco del Big Bang
Il 17 marzo 2014 l’Harvard CMB Group annunciava di aver individuato traccia delle onde gravitazionali prodotte dal Big Bang nella radiazione cosmica di fondo. Dopo quasi un anno, e un’analisi più accurata, arriva la smentita



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