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DSR and Gravity's Rainbow...
Dr. Stephen Hawking of Cambridge University alongside illustrations of a black hole and an event horizon with Hawking Radiation. He continues to engage his grey matter to uncover the secrets of the Universe while others attempt to confirm his existing theories. Credit: Photo: BBC, Illus.: T.ReyesTopics: Big Bang, Black Holes, Einstein, DSR, Gravity, Spacetime, Special RelativityWe've come a long way in 13.8 billion years; but despite our impressively extensive understanding of the Universe, […]
Found: Young Black Hole 12 Billion Times More Massive Than Our Sun
Deep within the universe, there lies a gigantic black hole in the midst of an extremely luminous disc. This space-time warp is so gigantic, it’s estimated to be 12 billion…
The Big Bang May Have Never Happened According to Quantum Equations
Did the Big Bang really happen? Probably not, according to two physicists who wish to revive one of the most popular arguments of the twentieth century. What these guys think is completely different from what cosmologists thought about the universe. Where did the Big Bang theory come from? The words … READ MORE
Let there be anti-entropic light (1)
Summary: Light-induced amino acid substitutions link cell type differentiation in plants to nutrient-dependent pheromone-controlled reproduction in animals via the biophysically constrained chemistry of protein folding. Protein folding is perturbed by mutations that limit the ability of organisms to adapt to...Read more
Ask Ethan #76: The very early Universe (Synopsis)
“It followed from the special theory of relativity that mass and energy are both but different manifestations of the same thing — a somewhat unfamiliar conception for the average mind.” -Albert Einstein In physics, we’re always on that quest for the next frontier: the next order of magnitude higher in energy, the next order of magnitude closer…
George Smoot: The explorer of cosmic microwave background radiation is 70
George Smoot from MIT to “The Big Bang Theory” This year, physics Nobel Laureate George Fitzgerald Smoot will once again be a guest in Lindau, where he will meet the people he wants to pass the baton on to: the up-and-coming scientists. “I want to encourage the next generation and hand over a science enterprise […]
DNews: What If The Big Bang Never Happened?
A new theory suggests that the big bang might’ve never happened! Ian joins DNews to explain.
The Universe Is an Inside-Out Star
The Universe Is an Inside-Out Star No, not really. But as we’ll see, it’s a useful analogy. Today we’ll learn about sound waves in the sun and how, if we imagine that the universe is the sun but inside-out, these are the same as the sound … Continue reading → The post The Universe Is an Inside-Out Star appeared first on The Physics Mill.



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