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Traces of One of Universe's First Stars Detected
Chemical signature of ancient star suggests it incorporated material blasted into space by a supernova explosion from huge star in early universe.
How early black holes could have grown to billions of times the mass of our sun
A new model shows how early black holes could have grown to billions of times the mass of our sun. These giant bodies — quasars — feed on interstellar gas, swallowing large quantities of it non-stop. Thus they reveal their existence: The light that is emitted by the gas as it is sucked in and …
Il bosone di Higgs e le fasi primordiali dell’espansione cosmica
Due fisici, Fedor Bezrukov del RIKEN–BNL Research Center e Mikhail Shaposhnikov del Swiss Federal Institute of Technology a Lausanne, hanno proposto una nuova idea secondo la quale il bosone di Higgs, la particella che secondo il modello standard conferisce la massa alle particelle, sarebbe stato altrettanto responsabile sia del meccanismo fisico che ha determinato l’inflazione […]
Il buco nero ‘iniziale’ che diede origine all’Universo
Il nostro Universo sarebbe emerso da un buco nero in uno spazio multidimensionale. E’ quanto sostiene un gruppo di tre ricercatori del Perimeter Institute il cui studio si è guadagnato la copertina del numero di Agosto di Scientific American. Il Big Bang pone una domanda fondamentale: se è vero che fu quell’evento singolare che diede […]
Ask Ethan #49: Do the cosmic unknowns cast doubt on the Big Bang? (Synopsis)
“Whenever you have infinities in a theory, that’s where the theory fails as a description of nature. And if space was born in the Big Bang, yet is infinite now, we are forced to believe that it’s instantaneously, infinitely big. It seems absurd.” -Janna Levin Of course, we don’t believe space was born in the Big…
Planck's Mystery Cosmic 'Cold Spot' Could be an Error
Cosmologists have carried out new analysis techniques on Planck's cosmic microwave background radiation data and found that some of the more mysterious features may be observational error. Continue reading →



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