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Dai paradossi della cosmologia a nuove idee sull’Universo
Alcune semplici osservazioni del mondo che ci circonda sembrano contraddire le leggi della fisica. Risolvere questi paradossi potrebbe cambiare il modo con cui comprendiamo l’Universo. Spesso le rivoluzioni scientifiche arrivano dallo risoluzione di paradossi che sembrano irrisolvibili. Si sa, quando gli scienziati si concentrano intensamente sulla ricerca di una soluzione finale, di solito si arriva ad … Continue reading Dai paradossi della cosmologia a nuove idee […]
Ask Ethan #72: The timeline of the Universe (Synopsis)
“The only reason for time is so that everything doesn’t happen at once.” -Albert Einstein And yet, this is a very good reason! We need things to happen in stages: you can’t form human beings before you form planets (that would be bad); you can’t form stars before you form atoms (also bad); you can’t form…
Ask Ethan #70: Does the Universe have a center? (Synopsis)
“I want to stand as close to the edge as I can without going over. Out on the edge you see all the kinds of things you can’t see from the center.” -Kurt Vonnegut The Universe is expanding and cooling, with all but a few of the closest galaxies receding from our view. In fact,…
What Kept the Universe Stable After the Big Bang?
We understand that the Big Bang created the universe, but how did existence remain stable? This question creates other questions about why particles didn’t disintegrate after this monumental explosion. What held existence all together? What force kept dust in certain areas, forming planets and suns in vast numbers? There are … READ MORE
PTOLEMY va a caccia di neutrini fossili
Miliardi e miliardi di neutrini attraversano il nostro corpo in ogni istante del giorno e secondo i cosmologi la maggior parte di essi provengono direttamente dal Big Bang piuttosto che dal Sole o da altre sorgenti. Se sarà confermata questa ipotesi, essa potrebbe fornirci preziosi indizi sull’Universo primordiale e sulla fisica di queste particelle. Ma … Continue reading PTOLEMY va a caccia di neutrini fossili →
The status of the Universe: 2015 (Synopsis)
“People are trapped in history and history is trapped in them.” -James A. Baldwin We’ve come a long way since we first started watching the night skies. Even just a century ago, we thought our Universe was governed by Newtonian gravity and consisted only of our Milky Way and the stars inside. In the past…
A helium balloon fitted with six telescopes is currently floating over Antarctica.
A helium balloon fitted with six telescopes is currently floating over Antarctica. It's called SPIDER, and it could show what happened during the Big Bang. Scientists will use it to search for patterns of polarization that could have only been made in primordial light in the fractions of seconds after the birth of the Universe.Read more...
DNews: With So Many Stars Out There, Why is Space Black?
With super-bright stars everywhere in the universe, how come it's so dark-looking out there? Julian has some stretchy facts about space and light to help you understand this seeming paradox.



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